Thursday, 8 August 2013

Vegan fry-up? Yes please.

If I were to combine the words 'fry-up' and 'healthy' you'd probably think I was mad, but bear with me two minutes and I can open your eyes to this wonderful concept which is in fact a reality...

At the beginning of my vegan conversion a big question for me about alternatives was the classic 'fry-up'. For as long as I can remember my Sunday's have consisted of wearing pyjamas all day and eating the traditional English brunch; sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, mushrooms... Never did I expect to find a scrumptious, healthy and vegan alternative. And what was most surprising for me was how simple the formula is. So please read carefully as I'm about to give you the key to eternal happiness, well as close as you can get through the means of brunch.

* Linda McCartney veggie sausages (the red onion ones are particularly nice although they do contain egg whites sadly)
* Baked Beans (my mum sometimes makes them herself- they redefine perfection!)
* Scrambled tofu (there are no words.. I just can't... it's just so good...)
* Vegan mayonnaise (if you are an addict like me, no meal is complete without mayo)
* Toast (pretty self explanatory.)
* Tomatoes (I hate raw tomatoes, however when cooked well they are an absolute dream)
* Potatoes (my surname is Irish therefore I feel an obligation to eat potatoes at every opportunity)

I hasten to add that I am not a cook, I have zero skills in the culinary department and even I'm capable of making most of this meal (it's a pretty perfect hangover cure too!). You may be wondering whether I'm the most appropriate person to listen to when it comes to food but I make up for my lack of cooking skills in enthusiasm for eating. I am a huge fan of all things edible, and it just so happens that my Mum is a sublime cook. So she makes it and I eat it; it's an ideal arrangement.

Back to the point; find below a couple of pictures as an example of some of the components to the meal. It isn't the entire meal as I was in a rush but they show the integral foundations to the meal. If you think it all sounds fairly ordinary and bland just try it, I'm not sure what it is but the combination of all the foods is always absolutely divine. I'm pretty confident that you'll never look back to the greasy and health-problem provoking meat version, I certainly haven't.

love, bean xx

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