Sunday, 23 June 2013

Joyful Juices!

Juices are an incredible invention; something incredibly nutritious whilst tasting yummy. If I drank these more often I would definitely be the epitome of health.

The way I got interested in them was by my Mum who introduced me (online) to an amazing woman called 'Mimi Kirk" who at the age of 70 was named the "sexiest vegetarian of the year". When I saw her I thought she was a good 30 years younger then 70. She has had an amazing life and things don't seem to be slowing down for her now she is 74! She lives a completely raw vegan diet and swears by juices (hence where I got an interest for them). I figured if she looks nearly 40 years or so younger by drinking juices and eating a vegan diet that there is no harm in testing her theory. I recommend you go and look her up, and watch some of her youtube videos as she will make you laugh as well as inspire you.

Mimi practices a full raw vegan diet to the extreme which I truly admire and wish I had such dedication and time for. However, I believe in balance and so I am going to try and incorporate some of her ideas in a more manageable, realistic way that suits me, starting with her idea of drinking juices. Over the past few days I have been making a celery, carrot, apple and spinach juice. If you would have offered me that a while ago I would have laughed you out of town but now I am genuinely looking forward to drinking it each day.

The types of juices that she has in a morning, and that I am adapting to suit me, are something I can easily see forming an integral part of my diet. If I drink them first thing in the morning I can almost feel the energy and positivity spreading through my body, it is quite remarkable (sounds rather dramatic but it's true!).

They make eating vegetables and fruit really fun and easy and they are also an easy way to obtain all the nutritious wonders that these foods contain. Not only this, but the nutritional value isn't dropped by having to cook the vegetables - plus no prepping as you simply shove it in the juicer! I have never been a breakfast person but they are something that are so easy, quick and tasty that I really would enjoy having them for breakfast too.

Another great thing about them is that there is no particular method or set ingredients you have to use to make them. They are good for using up any leftover veg you happen to have. It is your creation and choice; it's all down to your own indervidual tastes. It is a wonderful way too to eat some things you hadn't liked as much before, the reason being that by getting rid of the texture and pulp and by mixing the flavours with some of your preferred tastes it can get rid of the undesired part you didn't like whilst still obtaining all the nutrients from that particular food.

The benefits are quick to show, my skin was more glowing and I felt the benefits with my digestive too. Do make sure though that you drink them as soon as possible after making them so that you really get to drink all the good stuff. They are a brilliant new aspect to add to my new healthy diet that I am trying to create. And if you hadn't already noticed I would thoroughly recommend you joining me in this wonderful world of juices. I can think of plenty more to say on the subject but I think that is enough for today.
Much love, Bean xx

(NB Something to bear in mind when you start making them is that a pound of produce is roughly a cups worth of juice)

(PS Another vegan who my mum and I have found really inspiring is a woman who goes by "Chef Chloe". Her recipes in her book are truly tremendous. My mum and I cooked a few at the weekend and they were vegan heaven! Her book as well as Mimi's is definitely worth the buy!)

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