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Welcome to BuddingBean!

My name is Bean and I am a YouTuber, Blogger, Vegan, Animal Lover, Performer... from the top of my head.
Not so long ago I found that I have quite a lot to say about the things listed above, all of which I'm very passionate about, so low and behold I started a blog as a place to channel all this enthusiasm into the great big world of the 'tinterweb'.

I will soon be turning 17 which means that I am at a stage of my life where there is lots of self-discovery to be done, hence why I also occasionally try and tackle some of the more deep and meaningful aspects of life. 
I hope that you are able to enjoy this blog with me, I will talk about an array of topics including beauty, health, life all from the perspective of a vegan. I want this space to be a place where you you too are able to temporarily escape to, away from the turmoil and trials of everyday life just for a minute while you have a cuppa.
You can also find me elsewhere in the Internet stratosphere at;

Twitter: @BuddingBeanie
Youtube: BuddingBean
Instagram: BuddingBean
Hotmail: buddingbean@hotmail.co.uk
Facebook: Buddingbean
Bloglovin': Buddingbean

One last thing, if you are wondering about the name 'BuddingBean' it's due to the fact that I have always been nicknamed Bean and I thought 'Budding' was an appropriate pronoun due to my current circumstances of doing lots of growing!
Love, Bean xx

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